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Back to the Beginning - 1998

Who the heck are we, you ask? Let’s take a trip back in time. We were founded as a Video Production company in 1998 by Julian White, a guy with a vision for video and its role in marketing, hence, Video Vision was born. We worked with corporate, political and higher education institutes producing commercials and informative videos.

Video Meets Web – 2000

Just 2 years into our company’s history, Julian recognized that the web would become a video distribution platform. As a result, Video Vision opened a Web Design department and became Web Video Vision. At the time, video on the web was a progressive marketing strategy. We set our sights on becoming the industry expert at bundling video with web to create interactive media websites. We evolved into a complete solution media company.

Vision Driven Marketing and Social Media - 2008

Vision and marketing go hand in hand and vision is in our DNA. As the internet evolved into Web 2.0, we envisioned Social Media fitting in perfectly with our other 2 core areas of expertise to create a perfect recipe for online presence and marketing success. Web Video Vision became a pioneer in the field with one of the first ever social media manager positions.

Our Secret Recipe - Today

Contact us to learn more about our proven bundle packages. We have found that engaging websites filled with compelling videos, images and integrated social media will give your business the edge it needs to stand out to search engines and online viewers. This secret recipe will deliver you increased search rankings, better site traffic and ultimately new prospective clients… but shhhhhh, don’t tell. Read our blog to read more About Us

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