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Video Portfolio

Below is a selection of videos that we have produced and created over the last several years for our clients.

Autobahn Adventures

Autobahn Adventures is a Luxury Vacation. We joined our client in Europe for this project. We shot in 5 countries, documenting the 6 experiences of this Luxury European Driving Tour.


Since 1998 we have been producing commercials for various industries. Here are a few with some familiar faces

A&E's Storage Wars; Darrell "The Gambler" Sheets

Darrell wanted to be able to speak directly to his fans, so he has us film behind the scenes and exclusive videos to distribute on his website.

Porsche "Road To Riverside"

Porsche cars presents a Web Video Series called Road To Riverside. Car review videos are all over the internet. This series was produced as an entertaining way to review a new Porsche. The Host plays a different character in each film, taking the viewer along for an informative yet fun ride in a Porsche.

Claremont Graduate University - Video Magazine

CGU Chose Web Video Vision to partner on creating a two-year video magazine for prospective students and alumni that was distributed online and on CD.