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Marketing to the Max

You don’t have to go to Joe Web Design, Bob Video Pro and then Manny Media Marketing to get what you need for a successful online portfolio. We are a full service, turn-key, interactive media company that will do all the work so you can get your message out. Re-vamp your site, build it from the ground up, produce a webinar or viral video, get hip on Facebook or down to business on LinkedIn…we got you covered.

Social Media Bundle Packages:

Introducing our proven bundle packages. We have found that engaging websites filled with compelling videos, images and integrated social media will give your business the edge it needs to stand out to search engines and online viewers. This secret recipe will deliver you increased search rankings, better site traffic and ultimately new prospective clients… but shhhhhh, don’t tell.

Social Media Campaigns:

Social Campaigns make it easy for you to grow your fanbase and your business. Utilize Facebook landing pages, with an irresistable offer, and the results will speak for themselves! Add fans quickly, and track what promotions are the most successful!

Social Media Management:

So you are telling me I have to tweet, chat, post and blog while maintaining a real working business? I am sure we have all had this “status update overload.” We want to relieve your burden with our social media management skills. Not only will we maintain current posts but our experts make sure your updates are engaging with links, video and photos as well as key word rich for social search optimization.

Reputation Management (Review):

Our reviews management and syndication application enables businesses to collect, manage and publish customer reviews online. Using Web Video Vision, businesses can get more customers, build their online reputation and capture leads from automated outreach.

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Logo Design:

Our talented designers will create a professional logo you love. You describe your exact logo requirements our designers submit logo concepts for review.

Custom Page Design:

Both the content and look of your profile pages need to represent who you are. Custom profiles better attract viewer attention. Allow our designers to create professionally branded profiles to match the look and feel of your company.

  • Custom Tabs on Facebook Did you know that Facebook has customizable tabs and apps on your business page? We can help guide you to the right app or utilize tabs with custom landing, like and reveal pages.
  • Get a YouTube Channel Let us design a YouTube profile that will display your featured videos and preferred playlists.
  • Write Your Profile Right There is more than just status updates that need writing. YouTube Video tags, Facebook info pages and twitter descriptions are all important parts of being found by search engines and your views.

Strategy and Consultation:

You’re not alone in this! We can provide you with expert training to take on your social media campaign. We customize the experience for where you’re at. From basic how to and set up to advanced strategies in cutting edge social media trends, we can help you utilize these tools to reach your company objective and create habits that will maintain your social media success.

Monitoring and Analytics:

Spreadsheets, data, flow charts, looking at them can be like trying to read a different language; analytics can be equally as daunting. Analytics can help you discover where a sale came from or whether people are looking more at twitter than Facebook. We offer different reporting packages through which we can walk you through the data or give you access to your own reports. We will compile and analyze the interaction on your social media pages and traffic to your website to paint a picture of what is being done right and where there is room for improvement.

It’s Not Always About Likes It is important to know that the strength in social media isn’t always the number of likes or follows but the engagement you get from the fans you do have. 100 influential followers will spread your message exponentially more than 100,000 inactive viewers. Let us apply this kind of understanding to your social campaign.