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Video Production- We’re Fully Equipped

You don’t have to go to Joe Web Design, Bob Video Pro and then Manny Media Marketing to get what you need for a successful online portfolio. We are a full service, turn-key, interactive media company that will do all the work so you can get your message out. Re-vamp your site, build it from the ground up, produce a webinar or viral video, get hip on Facebook or down to business on LinkedIn…we got you covered.

video Webinar:

Webinars can be done well or they can be done with a cheap web cam in a messy office with bad lighting. We see too many of the latter and hope to keep you from making this mistake. Our studio is equipped for live, professional webinars that will engage your viewers with titles, graphics and interactivity. Through live chat we offer the viewer a chance to interact and ask questions in real time.

We Market Your Webinar

  • Create Web Page for Event
  • Create Registration Page
  • Create YouTube Trailer to Generate a Buzz

We Produce Your Webinar

  • Design or Consult on Power Point Slides
  • Utilize Multi-Stage Facility
  • Film with Multiple Cameras
  • Facilitate Live Questions via Phone or Social Media

We Track & Report on Your Webinar

  • Follow Up Survey to your Viewers
  • Full Analytics Report

The bottom line is our webinars will keep your viewers from taking a webinap!

On Location:

We come to you. After working across the U.S. and overseas with clients like GE, Hairclub, Deloitte and FedEx we are traveling pros! We have the tools needed to aid talent and producer alike. Our on location studio is organized and designed to set up, break down and wrap up in kits that make your life and ours easy.

We’ve got a kit for that!

  • Portable HD Camera kit
  • LED light kit
  • Microphone kit
  • Editing kit
  • Portable Teleprompter kit

But it’s not just in the tools. We do extensive preproduction to make sure we have a backup plan for any possible hiccups (our on location motto is “back it up”). Our clients trust that we work smart and efficiently to get the job done with minimal traveling costs and maximum success.

In Studio:

Our web-based studio is fully loaded for professional quality interviews, product demos, promotional videos, webinars, voice-overs and much more. We have 2 stages at our location. Stage A for green screen productions and Stage B for standard set.

We’ve Got the Goods

  • Multiple HD Cameras
  • LED Studio Lights
  • Teleprompter
  • Professional Microphone and Audio Equipment
  • 2 Stages - Green Screen and Standard
  • Editing Bay with Immediate Playback Capability
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Production Office
  • Makeup and Wardrobe

Unlike our competitors, we are located in central Orange County on a Class-A business park with the amenities of onsite hotels and a near-by airport at your fingertips. With the convenience our prime location offers, we are able to offer 24 hour turnaround to even our out of town clients. Our in-studio productions focus on quality, convenience for our clients, professionalism and swift completion.